Mike Rodriguez



A collection of design work from various assignments and side projects


Hello Toothpaste

Hand-drawn typeface, print ads, and package design for Hello Toothpaste.

Dominic Johns (Copywriting) / Eliza Hadjis (Strategy)


Dick's Sports

Rebrand of Dick's Sporting Goods to reposition it as a place for beginners. Our campaign puts the focus back on people's love of the game.

Brian Marcolini (Copywriting) / Kelly Prudente (Experience Design) / Carole Trickey (Strategy) / Rachel Cohen (CBM)



Rebrand for packaged Cajun rice brand. Redesigned the logo and packaging to better communicate its Cajun roots.

Clayton Notestine (Copywriting) / Tyler King & Aaron Wachsstock (Experience Design) /  Eliza Hadjis (Strategy) / Jenn Root (CBM)


Toast Mafia

Concept for a toast themed restaurant.

Allie Carr (Copywriting) / Brittani Kelzenberg (Art Direction and Illustration) / Kelly Prudente & Ashley Glover (Experience Design) /

Alyson Gaiser (Strategy) / Joe Baumgardner (CBM) 


Korg Guitar Tuners

Print ads for Korg's extra precise Guitar Tuners.

Evan Chiplock (Copywriter)


The Kitchens at Reynolds

Visual Identity for J. Sargeant Reynolds new culinary program.
We repositioned the program to focus on creativity in the culinary arts.

Allie Carr & Dominic Johns (Copywriting) / Coryn Bajema (Design) / Eliza Hadjis, Jake BullerShabina Aslam (Strategy)


Fight Club

Hand lettered movie posters.